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Buy Indian Act

The Buy Indian Act is a federal regulation.  This website is NOT operated by the federal government it is privately owned and operated as a resource. 

The goal of this website is an effort to EXPAND on the Buy Indian Act concept to include supporting purchases from all Indian owned enterprises, whether or not they are engaged in federal contracting.

We urge tribal members, Indian casinos, hotels and other tribal governments to reach out and buy from “Native American Businesses.” 
The “official” Buy Indian Act was effective July 8, 2013, the U.S. Department of the Interior adopted final rules that require the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) to give preference to Indian-owned or -controlled businesses in matters of procurement.  The rules were long overdue since the law was signed on June 25, 1910.
The Buy Indian Act rules authorize the Secretary of the Interior to set aside procurement contracts for Indian economic enterprises (IEEs), which are defined as for-profit businesses that are at least 51 percent Indian-owned. The tribes or individual Indians that own the IEEs must manage the contract, receive the majority of earnings from it, and control the business’s daily operations. The Indian owners of IEEs must self-certify that they are members of a federally recognized Indian tribe or Alaska Native village, and there are stiff penalties for misrepresentation.